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For State of Search I wrote a blog post comparing two URL shortening services: Bit.ly Pro and Yourls. Each has its pros and cons, and which you should use depends on your situation and resources:

State of Search: URL Shortening Services Compared: Bit.ly Pro and Yourls

URL Shortening services are the lifeblood of Twitter. With short URLs you can share links on Twitter in abundance without having to worry too much about breaking the 140 character limit. And, just like links are branding opportunities, so are short URLs. Yes, you only have a few characters to work with in a short domain, but why not make optimal use of it and make it a branded short URL?

My latest for Search News Central is purely for SEO geeks. I describe several solutions for dealing with duplicate content issues arising fro faceted / layered navigation and conclude with my own recommended approach:

Search News Central: Solving Duplicate Content Issues Arising From Faceted Navigation

I’m a big fan of faceted navigation on ecommerce websites, also known as layered navigation. With faceted nav users can find exactly what they’re looking for with just a few clicks, even on websites that contain tens of thousands of products. A good implementation of faceted nav is a user experience dream come true.

In my new column for the Belfast Telegraph I take another shot at predicting the future, this time for the mobile web. HTML5 might in due time supersede mobile apps, and in my column I explain why this could happen:

Belfast Telegraph: The Future of the Mobile Web

The problem with apps is that they are platform-specific. An iPhone app will not work on an Android phone. Blackberry users need to download different apps that are specifically developed for that platform. Nokia faces the same issue. While some mobile companies such as Apple are quite happy with this business model, others aren’t.

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