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With the increasing focus on user experience on the web, I’ve written a guide for State of Digital on how to get started learning about UX design. I list a number of key resources to embark on your UX journey:

State of Digital: Top Resources for Learning UX Design

“In digital marketing, UX design is claiming an ever-greater role as more and more stakeholders realise that the websites we craft and the online experiences we ask our customers to partake in need to result in positive emotional experiences. UX design is, at its core, human psychology applied to technology.”

After the sudden and unexpected departure of Vic Gundotra from Google, the blogosphere was rife with speculation about the future of Vic’s brainchild, Google+. Having never been a big fan of the platform, I couldn’t resist adding my two cents to the debate:

State of Digital: The Impending Demise of Google+?

“Should the rumours prove to be true, and Google+ will cease to be a ‘user-centric social network’, that doesn’t mean the platform will disappear. Google has invested too much in Google+ to simply pull the plug entirely. Google is definitely not going to give up the hard-won data it has gathered on people’s social circles, online activities, and device usage, as this is advertising gold dust and key to Google’s continued profit maximisation efforts.”

The last link I want to share has nothing to do with me, but it’s an awesome piece of content and deserves to be shared far and wide. It’s Rishi Lakhani‘s guide to using SEMRush, and if you’re at all interested in SEO or AdWords, you owe it to yourself to read it:

Rishi Lakhani: The Ultimate SEMRush Guide

This mammoth guide covers keyword research and competitive analysis for SEO and PPC, and explains all the various tools and features SEMRush offers. It’s also downloadable as a PDF so you can have it handy as a reference everywhere you go. Definitely worth a look.

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