Website Tracking / Revolution in Search

For Search News Central I wrote an article outlining several often-overlooked data tracking opportunities that can help website owners make more informed decisions about how to improve their site:

Search News Central: Are You Tracking All That Happens on Your Website?

Many people seem to think that just installing Google Analytics tracking code on every page of their site is enough and that this’ll tell them all they need to know about their website. This is, of course, not true. There’s a lot more potential data out there that can be gathered and analysed to make better decisions about how to improve a website.

My latest for State of Search is a somewhat incoherent rant about a sense of impending change in how search engines rank websites:

State of Search: An Imminent Revolution in Search

I think everyone who works in search understands on some level that we’re living in truly interesting times. There’s a sense of anticipation, a mood of imminent revolutionary change. SEO has never been a static industry. As long as search engines have existed, and thus as long as SEO has been around, there’s been a ceaseless state of flux, a continuous exchange of fire between search engines and optimisers.

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