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For State of Search I wrote an article explaining my views behind the tension between Google and the SEO industry, highlighting the entirely different objectives each is striving towards and how these collide:

State of Search: What Google Wants vs What SEOs Want

Then there’s a second area of tension between SEO and Google, which is more intricate. It’s the difference between what Google intends to show – i.e. the most relevant results – and what it actually shows – algorithmic approximations of relevance and authority. Google’s algorithms aren’t perfect. They’re pretty damn good, but flawed nonetheless. And that means they can be manipulated.

I have a standard approach to quick competitive analyses for prospective SEO clients. In my latest for Search News Central I demonstrate my approach:

Search News Central: SEO Competitive Analysis to Go

These competitive analyses will often feature a very similar set of websites that dominate the industry. My rule of thumb is that if a website features on two or more analysed keywords, I include it in my sheet. I copy the website URL and include the competition index number.

Providing trainings and workshops is a growing part of my job, and one that I enjoy immensely. For State of Search I wrote about an outline for a Social Media training plan:

State of Search: An outline of a Social Media training plan

Everyone can be taught to do something, but the ‘why’ behind it is much more important – and much harder to define. As with SEO, you need a strategy to make social media work for you. It begins and ends with a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and how you want to go about it. Below I’ll share an outline of a basic social media training plan which serves more or less as a template for our training sessions.

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