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Our client portfolio includes a wide range of publishers with varying requirements and goals. From national news websites to small niche publications, Polemic Digital have been able to add value to publishers of all stripes.

General News & Publishing

Polemic guardian-logo.png
Polemic mailonline-logo.png
Polemic thesun-dark.png
Polemic ladbible-logo.png
Condé Nast
Polemic foxnews-dark.png

Local & Regional News

Polemic Local and Reg foxtv-logo.png
Polemic Local and Reg nachrichten-dark.png
Polemic Local and Reg stv-dark.png
Polemic Local and Reg swp-dark.png
Polemic Local and Reg examiner-dark.png
Polemic Local and Reg KentOnline-dark.png

Technology & Gaming

Polemic Tech tnw-logo.png
Polemic Tech techradar-logo.png
Polemic Tech pcgamer-logo.png
Polemic Tech gamesradar-logo.png
Polemic Tech phonearena-dark.png
Polemic Tech pocketlint-logo.png
Polemic Tech segmentnext-dark.png
Polemic Tech builtin-logo.png

Sport & Motoring

Polemic Sports foxsports-logo.png
Polemic Sports f1maximaal-logo.png
Polemic Sports CaughtOffside-dark.png
Polemic Sports chasingcars-dark.png
Polemic Sports lbs-logo.png
Polemic Sports footmercato-dark.png

Science & Research

Polemic Science newscientist-dark.png
Polemic Science studyfinds-dark.png
Polemic Science academia-logo-2.png
Polemic Science client-wolters-kluwer-logo-alt.png

Business & Finance

Polemic Business foxbusiness-logo.png
Polemic Business investing-dark.png
Polemic Business inman-dark.png
Polemic Business bof-dark.png

Music & Entertainment

Polemic Music hiphopdx-logo.png
Polemic Music mrperiodical-dark.png
Polemic Music concreteplayground-logo.png
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