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SEO for Publishers

Winning in Google News is one of the toughest challenges news websites face today. We offer specialised SEO services for publishers of all types.

In the modern online landscape, publishers need to work hard to claim a share of their audience’s attention. Google is a key channel for growing your audience, with News boxes filling Google’s results for almost any search applicable to a recent news event.

Visibility in Google News and Top Stories is a crucial factor for a publication’s online success. Your articles need to be shown at the top of Google’s news boxes consistently, and attract the largest share of clicks possible. This takes concerted effort to optimise your site for maximum visibility in Google News.

Additionally, the growing emphasis on mobile means your news stories are most likely consumed on smartphones first and foremost. Optimising your site for visibility in mobile Top Stories carousels requires a specialised approach that ticks all of Google’s many technical, editorial, and authority boxes.

The algorithms that determine your position in Google News are different from those that govern regular web search. Standard SEO practices are not enough to provide you with top spots in Google News – you need to implement specialised SEO tactics aimed specifically at Google News.

Working with Barry was a very rewarding experience. His knowledge of online marketing is outstanding and he’s happy to explain and share it with those of us who live at the bottom of the SEO food chain. A great personality and an immense asset in any digital-focused organisation.

Jerome Crolly, Online Editor
Belfast Telegraph
Google v Facebook news traffic

Barry is one of those rare talents in digital marketing that knows his discipline inside out. Barry is a huge asset for any client as his advice propels their audience growth strategies into real success stories.

Dennis Bree, VP of Growth, Figment

Additional channels like Google Discover are driving increasingly large numbers of visitors to news websites, to the detriment of traffic from social media sites like Facebook. As a publisher, it’s crucial to tap in to these technologies to enable your long-term viability.

Polemic Digital has worked with some of the world’s largest news publishers for years, helping them with their audience growth efforts to drive more traffic to their site through optimised visibility in Google News as well as enhanced presence in regular Google search results.


We’ve delivered our SEO services to a wide range of publishers, from international media brands like FOX and The Guardian to small niche publications, helping them grow their online audience through effective SEO for Google News.

Our specialised SEO services for news organisations include;


  • Technical SEO audits to ensure your site adheres to Google’s requirements

  • Editorial SEO audits to check your publishing for optimal implementation of SEO

  • Strategic Consulting to improve search visibility in targeted topical areas

  • Site Migration Support to ensure SEO best practices for replatforming and domain changes

  • Editorial SEO Training to educate journalists and editors on SEO best practices

  • Technical SEO Training to ensure product and tech teams implement the right improvements for crawling and indexing of articles

  • Ongoing SEO Support to help you develop and grow your organic search traffic.

If you’re a publisher in need of help with SEO, get in touch with us today.

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