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Specialised SEO Services

Our specialised SEO services for publishers can help you achieve search engine success and grow your audience.

In a crowded landscape, getting your articles and stories to the top of Google’s search results is challenging. That’s where Polemic Digital comes in. We provide a range of expert SEO consultancy services, including:

Our approach to SEO is based on three pillars: Technology, Relevancy, and Authority:

Three Pillars of SEO

SEO: Technology


The foundation of SEO is a website that can be fully crawled and indexed by Google. This is easier said than done, as often bespoke content management systems have limited built-in functionality for SEO. Features like XML sitemaps, human-readable URLs, structured data, and canonical pages, are incredibly important for SEO but sometimes overlooked by web developers.

Especially for large and complex websites such as news publishers, proper implementation of technical SEO best practices can make a huge difference in your visibility in Google’s search results and set you apart from your competitors to gain a larger share of visits and revenue.

Polemic Digital offers specialised SEO audits for publishers in which we review websites for all aspects of technical SEO, and will provide detailed recommendations on improving this crucial and foundational aspect of SEO. Additionally we deliver technical SEO training for your dev/product teams to ensure their work maximises your platform’s SEO capabilities.

SEO: Relevancy

When you have a fully crawlable and indexable website, you then need to make sure your content is optimised for the right topics, so that Google understands what every article on your website is about and which search terms it could be ranked for. First of all you need to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords that apply to your news stories (keyword research), and that you can compete with and outrank publishers that currently dominate in Google for those keywords (competitive analysis).

You then need to make sure your content is fully optimised for those keywords, with optimal headlines, title tags, meta descriptions, and body content. Other aspects of your site that need to be optimised for maximum relevance are your navigation structure, URLs, images, and internal links.

Polemic Digital offers specialised SEO audits for publishers in which we review websites for all aspects of SEO relevant for performance in Google News, Top Stories, Discover, and regular Google search results. Our audit reports provide detailed recommendations for improving your site’s technical and editorial SEO and grow your organic search traffic.

We also offer strategic SEO consulting where we help you implement the right processes to embed SEO into your editorial and audience growth workflows. And, to improve your day-to-day editorial SEO efforts, our SEO training upskills your journalists and editors on what is required for their articles to rank in Google.

SEO: Authority

When your website is technically sound and fully optimised for the right topics, that doesn’t mean Google will rank your content high in its search results. To decide which websites to rank, Google looks at the authority a website has accumulated over time. That is determined by the amount and quality of links and mentions your site has across the whole internet, as well as the topical expertise you build up over time as a publisher.

Improving a website’s authority, and thus its rankings in Google, is an ongoing process that has various different elements to it. Your website needs to establish itself as a trustworthy source of information, which is accomplished through effective approaches to SEO in your editorial team. And your website needs to gather links and mentions from other trustworthy websites, which means you need to publish stories that define the news agenda and serve as sources for other publications.

We offer ongoing consulting to aid you with these tactics and ensure you implement the right processes to achieve success. For a no-nonsense chat about how SEO consultancy Polemic Digital can help your business, get in touch with us today.

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