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SEO Site Audit

Our in-depth SEO site audits will provide you with all the insight necessary to propel your website to the top of search engine results.

Do you want to take control over your site’s SEO but don’t know what to fix? Is your site slowly slipping down the rankings and you’re not sure what to do to reverse that trend? Has your site been hit by a Google penalty? Our SEO site audit service will give you the knowledge and insight to make the right decisions.

SEO site audits allow you to understand how your website is performing in search engine result pages (SERPs). Our in-depth SEO audits investigate all areas that influence your website’s performance including indexing, technical issues on your site, content performance, keyword focus, internal linking, structured data, E-E-A-T quality signals, and much more.

We apply our extensive experience and use a range of trusted industry software to help carry out our SEO audits, ensuring you get the most accurate and useful audit for your website and business.

Our SEO site audit will help identify areas of your website that are preventing it from performing to its full potential. You will receive a full report detailing the main points from the report and highlighting a series of recommendations to focus on for future developments.

We’ve worked with several SEO agencies and consultants in the past, Barry is the only one that has actually delivered on what he says. His audit and report have been both insightful and helpful. Since implementing his suggestions we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in our SEO. Additionally he’s genuinely passionate about SEO, something that’s reflected in the quality of his work.

Max Kufner, Co-Founder,
SEO audit example report

The audit contained just the right amount of detail, was carried out promptly, and Barry was more than happy to address any concerns or queries that we had after the report was produced. We would have no hesitation in recommending Barry Adams as a provider of SEO services, as the end result we received was second to none in the marketplace.

Paul Anthony,
Marketing Manager,

The audit aims to highlight what needs to be done to improve your websites performance, with the primary objective being to increase its visibility on Google's news-specific and general organic results and help your overall SEO strategy.

We will then review this audit with you and discuss the findings to allow you to take the next steps in ensuring your website is performing at an optimal level. We also have additional SEO resources available to help implement our recommendations for you, if required.

Our SEO audits are specifically catered to news publishers. Because there are specialised demands placed on news websites for SEO, we check for elements of SEO that standard site audits don’t cover. Our audits look beyond the basics of SEO and analyse publishing sites for the specific things that Google looks for in a news site.

In addition to full-scope site audits, we also perform focused technical SEO audits for publishing sites where we analyse your site for specific technical requirements and best practices that impact on your visibility in Google News and Top Stories.

Contact us today to arrange an SEO audit for your site.

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