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News and Editorial SEO Summit

We've co-founded an annual online event dedicated entirely to SEO for news publishers. The News and Editorial SEO Summit has been going since 2021.

Visibility in Google’s ecosystem is a crucial source of readers for all online publishers, and information about how to maximize this can be hard to find. So, we decided to bring together the smartest minds in publishing and SEO and ask them to share their insights and expertise.

Founded by Barry Adams of Polemic Digital and John Shehata of NewzDash and GDdash, the inaugural NESS 2021 featured speakers from The Atlantic, The New York Times, Google, Mediahuis, The Globe and Mail, Mashable, and Amsive.


The event's first edition saw over 500 attendees from more than 50 countries attend the online sessions. The subsequent editions have maintained the size and scope of this global audience.

The 2022 edition featured speakers from The Athletic, Google, The Motley Fool, Shopify, Condé Nast, The Guardian, and more. Our keynote speaker was Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast and one of the most experienced people in SEO.

In 2023, we had another superb lineup of expert speakers from The Times and Sunday Times, BBC Studios, The Athletic, Ringier, and experts from the SEO industry with a keynote from Wil Reynolds.

The 2024 News and Editorial SEO Summit

The 2024 edition will take place on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th October 2024. Once again we managed to compile a top-notch roster of speakers and panellists:

  • Rand Fishkin, Sparktoro

  • Martin Splitt, Google

  • Lily Ray, Amsive

  • Claudio Cabrera, The Athletic

  • Glenn Gabe, G-Squared

  • Olaf Seydel, Zeit Online

  • Ryan Kellett, Axios

  • Andrea Volpini, Wordlift

  • Ed Hyatt, The Wall Street Journal

  • Brendan O'Connell, The New York Post

  • Vivienne Goizet, Bild

Plus the two co-founders, John Shehata and Barry Adams, will give a talk each. You can buy your ticket for NESS 2024 on the website.

The News and Editorial SEO Summit presents a unique opportunity to learn from the biggest brands and smartest minds in SEO and publishing. Attending this event will enable you to apply what you’ve learned to your own news websites to boost your organic traffic.

From Google News to Discover, from Top Stories to news apps, from search to SGE and AI Overviews, you will learn what it takes to grow your presence in all organic locations where news is shown.

With a single ticket, you will get full access to all talks and recordings and get the chance to ask your questions directly to our speaker panel at the closing of the event.

Who should attend?

  • Journalists and editors involved with the day to day writing and publishing of news content, who want to make sure their stories get the best chance of ranking in Top Stories and Google News.

  • Audience growth  executives looking for ways to maximize traffic and find new avenues for organic search visits.

  • SEO professionals working with publishers who want to upgrade their knowledge and learn from experts in the field.

  • Web developers who want to make sure their websites adhere to Google’s latest technical requirements and follow best SEO practices for crawling and indexing.

What will you learn?

  • The most effective strategies for news articles and commercial content

  • How to integrate SEO effectively into classic newsroom environments

  • What drives Google’s quality-based algorithms in News and Discover

  • The latest on technical SEO for publishing websites

  • How to propel your news SEO career to the next level

  • And much more…

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