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Email Newsletter: SEO For Google News

I'm writing an irregular email newsletter with tips, insights, and experiences optimising for Google News and Discover.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about how publishers can use SEO to grow their audience. I’ve worked with development and product teams to improve websites for better crawling & indexing of news content, I’ve trained journalists and editors in optimising their articles for maximum visibility, and I’ve consulted on a range of projects aimed at integrating SEO practices into newsroom workflows. Each and every project was a learning experience for me.

I felt it was time I started sharing this knowledge.

But rather than just blog an occasional article and hope it reaches the people who might be able to use it, I decided to take a different approach. The firehose of the blogosphere is not conducive to publishing meaningful content on such a relatively narrow niche.

So I’m doing this via a newsletter. Inspired by great email newsletters others are publishing, I want to try and build a community around an email newsletter specifically about Google News and SEO for publishers.

If this sounds interesting for you and want to read this content, you can sign up using the form below. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and archive and never miss an update.

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