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Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO

Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO

SEO Dojo-member ‘Doc’ Sheldon Campbell has compiled a substantial ebook, containing insights from over 30 experienced search engine optimisers and digital marketers. The book, entitled “Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO”, is now available via Doc Sheldon’s website:

“Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO will give you insights from some of the top names in the business, on how to focus your efforts where they’ll give you real benefit, rather than chasing every shiny penny offered by self-proclaimed gurus and experts.”

In addition to contributions from SEO luminaries such as Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Bill Slawski, and Alan Bleiweiss, yours truly also contributed to the book. Go forth and grab it – all the proceeds will go to charity so it’ll benefit a good cause as well!

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