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SEO is not dead

We didn’t have to wait long. Within minutes of Google’s announcement of their latest feature, Google Instant, the blogosphere was abuzz with the news that this would really mean the death of SEO.

Naturally this was a total fabrication. People who understand search engines, SEO, and user behaviour, actually realised that this made SEO all the more important. At most SEO would have to shift its focus somewhat, but ranking high for popular search terms has only become more vital for any online business.

Since we SEO professionals have had to defend the existence of SEO for years, I decided to build a small site dedicated to end the ‘SEO is dead’ argument once and for all. Inspired by Mark Bronlow’s ‘Email is not dead‘ site, I launched SEO is not dead:

SEO is not dead

The site contains a number of statistics on internet and search engine use, links to and quotes from industry specialists talking about the life of SEO, and videos and quotes from senior people working for major search engines.

So the next time you hear someone proclaim the death of SEO, send them here.

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