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SEO Strategies for Growth: One-Day SEO Training in Belfast on 18 September

I’ve been delivering specialised technical SEO trainings for a few years now, as well as countless bespoke SEO trainings for agencies and in-house teams.

Now I’ve teamed up with Growth Marketing Live to deliver a special one-day SEO training as part of their conference, where I’ll teach SEO best practices that deliver lasting growth.

Growth Marketing Live

This SEO Strategies for Growth training day is intended for marketers who want to learn how to apply SEO to enhance their business growth through organic search traffic. It’ll be a full day of training that is accessible and actionable. The goal is to empower the participants to apply what they’ve learned to their own sites straight away to help grow their traffic from Google search.

All the relevant areas of SEO will be covered, from basic on-page SEO to linkbuilding and technical optimisation. These are the topics we’ll cover in the training:

  1. SEO in the wider Digital Marketing mix: where does SEO fit in compared to other channels such as paid search and social media.

  2. On-Page Optimisation: how to optimise your webpages for maximum visibility.

  3. Linkbuilding and Content Marketing: becoming a trusted source of information that Google can confidently rank high in its search results.

  4. Technical SEO Basics: ensuring your website can be properly crawled and indexed by Google.

  5. Structured Data Markup: how to enhance your content with markup to get rich search snippets in Google.

  6. Load Speed & Mobile SEO: optimising your website experience for mobile users.

  7. Crawl Optimisation: ensuring large scale websites can be efficiently crawled.

  8. International SEO: how to make sure Google ranks your international content correctly across the globe.

The early bird price for this SEO training is £349, which also includes a ticket for the conference on the following day.

Places for this special one-off training day are limited, so book your spot now on the Growth Marketing Live website.

Barry Adams training

P.S. there are still a few seats left for my upcoming Technical SEO Course in Dublin!

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