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Teaching and Learning SEO

In a new article for Search News Central I explore the lessons I’ve learned as a teacher of SEO:

Search News Central:

What I found most enlightening about doing lectures like these is that it made me re-evaluate what I know about SEO. After 7 years of professional SEO experience (14 years total SEO experience if you include my early days amateur SEO stuff for my own websites) there is a lot of amassed knowledge, embedded lingo, and basic assumptions that I use in my day to day work. When preparing my lecture I had to discard all of that and work from the bottom up.

Staying with the educational theme, I wrote a blog post for State of Search listing the five best non-SEO books that I believe every SEO should read:

I get asked quite often what beginning SEOs need to do to become advanced practitioners of our craft. Specifically they want to know which books to read. When I pondered this question in detail, I realised that the books that have shaped me the most as an SEO, and have helped bring my skills to higher levels, aren’t actually SEO books. Yet these books have been vital study material in my continued development as a SEO professional.
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