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Awards and Events

You can tell it’s awards-season because just after the DANI Awards concluded (with a win for me, I’m pleased to say) the UK Search Awards are kicking off.

As these UK Search Awards celebrate the true cream of the crop in the national SEO and search marketing industry, it’s with no small degree of pride I can say that two of the projects I headed up at The Tomorrow Lab are on the shortlist:

  1. Best Use of Content Marketing – Digital Printing

  2. Best Low Budget Campaign – Path XL

The awards ceremony will be held in London on November 6th and, as usual, I’ll be attending, primarily to seize the opportunity to catch up with all my friends in the SEO scene. Should The Tomorrow Lab actually win one of these prized awards, I’m sure the resulting celebrations will be appropriately enthusiastic.

In other news, after a very successful 6th SAScon event in June this year, the organisers are once again putting together a mini-event, this time dubbed SAScon BETA.

Once again I find myself privileged to be part of the event, and contrary to the usual digital marketing insights this time the speaker brief is much wider.

I’m preparing an especially rant-y talk aimed at wearable technology and what it’s doing to us, so if you’re open to be scared witless about the implications of those gadgets you’re putting in your pockets and on your wrists and head, book your tickets now and brace yourself for a truly epic rant.

Closer to home, on October 28th in collaboration with VIEWdigital I’m giving a 2-hour seminar entitled Measuring Website Performance with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

In this seminar I will go beyond the basics and show the participants a range of interesting tricks and reporting tips to get useful, actionable insights from Analytics and Webmaster Tools that can be used to improve your website’s performance.

Attendance at this seminar cost £49 and places are limited, so don’t wait to book your places.

Then the next day I’m part of the panel at the SEO Masterclass organised by the Sunday Business Post. Together with Joanne Casey, Mark Haslam, and Barry Hand, I’ll be educating you on the ins and outs of effective SEO.

With such a top line-up of speakers, this masterclass is unmissable for those wanting to come to grips with the esoteric arts of SEO. Here too places are limited, so book while you can.

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