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Does your hosting company want you to succeed?

So you’re finally becoming successful online. It’s taken months and months of effort and dedication to design, develop, and launch your website, and then many more months and months of effort and dedication to make that website successful.

And it’s working! Traffic figures are booming and you’re generating more revenue every day!

The problem is, back when you launched the website you chose a cheap, small hosting package. After all money was scarce in those early days and you couldn’t afford a big dedicated hosting contract. You didn’t even know if your website was going to take off at all, let alone become a smashing success.

So your small hosting package doesn’t suffice any more. Your website receives more traffic than the package was designed for, and your hosting company wants you to upgrade.

Now, tell me, how would you prefer your hosting company to inform you of the need to upgrade?

Do you prefer this approach?

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Or this approach?

Hi there!First of all, congratulations! We’re seeing massive traffic coming in on your [] website, which can only mean your site is becoming a big success. Well done!However, we’re afraid we might have some bad news for you. The hosting package you have with us only allows for bandwidth usage of [X]GB a month, and right now you’re using [Y]GB a month. Additionally, all this extra traffic to your site is slowing down the other websites on your shared hosting environment, which we’re sure you’ll understand is not entirely fair on the owners of those websites.But no fear, we have a solution! We can migrate your website to a dedicated hosting environment, and ensure the switch will be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. That way your website can grow unhindered, and no other sites will be affected negatively by your continued online success!All we ask is that you sign up for our upgraded Dedicated Hosting package at $xx.xx a month (or one lump sum of $yy.yy for the whole year, saving you Z%), and we can guarantee that your website’s traffic can continue to grow undisturbed.Sign up now through your hosting control panel, or get in touch with our sales department at 123-4567890 to talk about what we can to do contribute to your website’s success.Kind regards, Hosting Company support

No contest really, is it?

A hosting company that unilaterally throttles your website when you become too successful is only interested in its own bottom line, and doesn’t care about its customers. They’ll find this an increasingly untenable business ethos.

Find a hosting company that doesn’t kill your website at the first sight of a traffic spike, but instead tries to accommodate your success. Because such a hosting company knows that by enabling your success, they’ll be enabling their own.

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