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Shortlisted for Best Blog at the UK Search Awards

I was very pleasantly surprised this morning when I learned that this humble blog has been shortlisted for the Best Blog award at the upcoming 2013 UK Search Awards.

Looking at the other nominations, I’m deeply honoured to be listed in such distinguished company. I’ve been a fan of nearly all of the blogs on the shortlist, and have in the past contributed guest articles to two other nominated blogs: Holistic Search and the Koozai blog.

Martin Macdonald’s excellent personal blog as well as Receptional’s outstanding blog are also on the list, ensuring my chances of actually winning the award are optimistically described as ‘slim to none’.

Still to be nominated is a huge honour, and I will definitely be attending the award ceremony in London in November – if only to catch up and share drinks & stories with my many friends in the UK search industry.

It also means I will have to take this wee personal space more seriously in the future. I’ll endeavour to publish more worthy content here – though I’ll keep my best stuff reserved for State of Digital, as always. :)

Shortlisted for the UK Search Awards
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