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State of Search becomes State of Digital

State of Digital

Yesterday afternoon, after months of preparation, Bas van den Beld finally flicked the switch and State of Search became State of Digital.

Originally State of Search was founded as a blog about SEO and social media, but it quickly evolved to incorporate much more than that. Bas managed to gather an eclectic team of expert bloggers (and somehow I managed to hitch a ride as well), and the topics covered ranged from the basics of blogger outreach all the way to formulating digital strategies and building agency teams.

As a result the State of Search brand no longer accurately encapsulated what the site was about. In fact, the perception of the blog as SEO-focused was becoming a hindrance, holding us back from expanding the site in the direction Bas has envisaged.

So Bas decided on a rebrand, and State of Digital was born. This site is much more than just a 2.0 version of State of Search, as it has a much wider scope and ambition. Bas explains it in detail here:

“State of Digital isn’t just a website or just a blog. It is a platform which will help get people forward. […] You could summarise the direction we want the site to go in, in these key points:
  1. Getting the right content to the right people at the right time

  2. Getting organisations to the next level in digital marketing

  3. Getting people from different backgrounds in their jobs talking on the same level and looking in the same direction when it comes to Digital Marketing”

I’m exceptionally proud to be part of the editorial team of State of Digital. I hope we can continue to grow the site’s value through great content and expert advice, and educate digital marketers across the globe to become better professionals and help their careers flourish.

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