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The Basics of Blogger Outreach

I usually don’t publish guest posts here, but this one is the result of a very well-crafted blogger outreach email that I felt warranted a reward. I take no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the article – though obviously I think it has some merit otherwise I wouldn’t publish it. Enjoy:

Link building has been a vital aspect of SEO since the late 1990’s. If a business wants their page to rank highly in search engines like Google,  it needs relevant and high-quality links pointing to the business’s site. This makes link building a vital part of SEO to significantly improve your rankings.

There is a vast range of link building techniques, from forum posting to blog commenting, and there are a number of tricks of the trade to take advantage of. But today’s modern link builder relies in large part on blogger outreach.

Link building is a continuing process which is time-consuming and whether you carry it out in-house or via freelancers, finding new blogging opportunities can be difficult.

Here’s how to make your blogger outreach simple and straightforward:

1. Finding guest blogging opportunities There is an extensive array of online blogging resources and the key is to find them. Great sites include Blog dash, MyBlogGuest or even Google itself, but in our experience Technorati is the best.

Basically it is a directory of blogs and all the bloggers are genuine and passionate about what they write, so this means they are real and authentic. It also means they are more inclined to take on guest posts with without needing a financial incentive.

2. Content is king Finding a great blog to get a link on is only half the work- it is the content which will be published on it which will really seal the deal. Content is the buzzword on everyone’s lips at the moment and it is crucial when trying to link build. The quality needs to be relevant, engaging, unique and informative so the article concepts are important.

If you are struggling to think of ideas on what to write about, Flipboard is a great tool to stir the creative juices. Or alternatively, you can check out Article Teller which lets you order content and you only pay for the content when you are completely happy with it. If someone writes you an article for a blog and you aren’t happy with the quality, you simply don’t pay for it!

Remember, everyone struggles with writer’s block at times but always bear in mind the audience, purpose and if in doubt, try to make it topical on anything that is currently going on such as a national event.

3. No Repetition It can be easy to become too comfortable and get lazy to publish content on the same sites time and time again so you need to steer clear of repetition. Search engines like Google look for patterns so avoid repeating the same processes for months on end. How do I track all the sites I’ve published on? Excel is great for this and conditional formatting can be used to highlight duplicate cells to keep on top of the sites used.

Blogger outreach is a fantastic marketing technique and is a great way to contribute to the online conversation and give something back to the internet community. Benefit from these tools to ease your link building process.

This article was written by Custard Media, a reputable and experienced digital media agency in North-west England. Speak to the specialists today for high quality, expert SEO services.

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